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Learn Korean with BTS Episodes!

BTS has taken to one platform with a video series, helping fans to learn Korean.

BTS launches a web series to help fans learn Korean.


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



Social distancing caused by COVID-19 is making K-Pop lovers get on the Korean language learning tracks with ease. Stuck at home, they spend more time listening to their all time favorites of K-Pop and streaming music videos featuring a constellation of idols.

Recently, BTS, which comprises of V, J-Hope, RM, Jin, Jimin, Jeon Jung Kook, and Suga, has taken to one platform with a video series, helping fans to learn Korean. Some videos starring the BTS’ seven members, titled “Bangtan Bombs” premiere on YouTube. Other live streams and the series Run BTS appear on the platform V Live. “Learn Korean with BTS,” which launches in stages as a Korean-learning media program, is available on Weverse. These contents include BTS’ songs, episodes, live vlogs, speeches, etc. Snippets from the shows where BTS were present will be reassembled so that fans can learn Korean by listening to the expressions used frequently by the members. BTS song lyrics are broken down line by line, highlighting key vocabulary words and grammar rules.

According to BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment, “Learn Korean with BTS” will feature 30 different lessons/episodes with a length of three minutes each, so 90 minutes of Bangtan filled learning content in total. The first three episodes were unveiled on March 24 on the social app Weverse.

The curriculum which is contrived by Professor Heo Yong of Han Kuk University with the researchers at the Korean Language Contents Institute is free for everyone. You just need to have an account set up on Weverse.

BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment said K-Pop’s recent popularity promoted a demand for learning the Korean language.

“Korean language educational contents will contribute to K-Pop accessibility. Global fans will be able to overcome language barrier and deeply empathize with the music of artists,” said Bang Si Hyuk, Big Hit’s founder. “We have created Korean learning media using artist contents for a more rewarding and immersive experience for our fans. The idea came about after our passionate fanbase called for English subtitles to be added to their videos.”

To say that many ARMY were excited by the prospect of official BTS Korean lessons would be an understatement. Indeed, they are getting worked up about the Korean education content.

“I am super thrilled BTS is spearheading an affordable Korean language education initiative for those looking to learn.”

For now at least, the episodes will focus on simple Korean grammar and expressions, so if you’re already an advanced level of Korean, you might not learn as many as new things. However, it’s sure to be a fun way to revise. Moreover, BTS’ web series will be a handy way to pass time in isolation while COVID-19 is rampant out there.

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