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New Management of Yummy Place Kitchen Encounters Great Success

Sunny and Lucas, the new management of Yummy Place Chicken describes the changed restaurant.

Yummy Place Chicken serves a new set of menu that would satisfy any customer needs.


By Kyle Yang

Staff Reporter



It is an undeniable fact that chicken has been mankind’s greatest friend in culinary history. This fact is especially true for Georgians who live at the epicenter of chicken industry of America, with Georgia being hailed as a holy land and birth place of numerous chicken industries. Therefore, people from Georgia have high standards for their chicken regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, etc. This statement is especially true to fried chicken, where one could enjoy the crispiness and crunchiness.

While there are myriads of delicious cuisines that provide fried chicken in the densely populated Gwinnett County area, two entrepreneurs decided to step into this highly competitive industry with their unique style of running the kitchen. Sunny Kim and Lucas Cho decided to take over Yummy Place Chicken, which is located in Duluth. From September 2019, they have been transforming the place with their own beliefs which Sunny calls “A place where I can even ask my family members to come and eat.” Equipped with modern decorations, music, and a relaxing ambiance, Yummy Place Chicken’s employees will greet you like family and hand out their extensive new menu that has not only fabulous fried chicken but various other options to your liking. To top it off, people will be able to have a friendly chat with either Sunny or Lucas as they step up in ownership roles and greet the customers themselves.

The most notable fact of Yummy Place Chicken’s new ownership would be its new menu with almost 30-40 different dishes including chicken, noodles, burgers, Philly cheese steak, katsu meals, fried rice, and appetizers.

“Customers who visit Yummy Place Chicken for the first time tend to ask me ‘isn’t this just a fried chicken joint?’ after looking at our new menu,” says Sunny, co-owner of Yummy Place Chicken. “The reason we made some new additions to this menu is that we want to help our customers choose from different options, which are no longer only chicken. For instance, I can eat chicken all day but I know for a fact that is not the case for my wife and children. Likewise, other family members might have the same problem when they choose a place to eat together. We want everyone who opens that front door to be happy when they leave this restaurant.”

“7 piece drumsticks with different flavors, Takoyaki, Ton Katsu meals are my favorite,” adds Lucas, co-owner of Yummy Place Chicken. “Our goal is to have this place with healthy food that we can provide to our family. To this end we even strictly control how we fry the chicken as well, by not reusing the oil that was used to fry one chicken.”

Plenty of gourmets that gorged themselves on the incredible and new dishes at Yummy Place Chicken get a kickoff with the new management as they try out the new menu and amazing customer service provided by the two owners. Customers cannot help but give good reviews on Yelp.com with overall score of 4.5 out 5 of 97 reviews.

“When the original Yummy Place closed down, I was completely devastated. I absolutely adored Yummy Place because they served delicious boon shik style dishes, so I was extremely excited when I heard about the return of Yummy Place! Unfortunately, their new location does not have a wide variety of boon shik like their previous location offered. They focus more on bon chon or Korean fried chicken, and I can’t be mad about it because their KFC is so delicious!,” said Gwynn N.

Another customer talks about the different menu they encountered after the change in management.

“The kimchi sujebi will YEET you outta your socks. On top of the amazing food, the service was unmatched. This place is a must try if you’re in the area! EDIT: THE KIMCHI BURGER IS SO GOOD OMG,” said Chris A. the most recent reviewer.

Staff from Yummy Place Chicken say that these reviews give them great encouragement when working on a new menu with a different environment.

“I’m about 20 years apart in age difference from Lucas, and I worked as a pastor before. But I decided to work with Lucas as a co-owner because he has great experience in the food industry working as the general manager of Breakers, a KBBQ joint. As for me I just know that I need to serve my guests the same as how God benevolently provides for me everyday,” says Sunny. “I also wanted to show that I, as a first generation Korean in U.S., and Lucas as a second generation Korean can combine our might and intellect transgressing the age gap and show the world that our business can work.”


3230 Steve Reynolds Blvd #108, Duluth, GA, 30096

Phone: 470-395-6943

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