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K-Pop Idols Suffering from Corona 19 Breakout

BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment recently announced that BTS Map of the Soul Tour performance was cancelled.

As Corona 19 spreads, K-Pop idols’ concerts and shows are being cancelled or postponed.


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



K-Pop singers are either postponing or cancelling their shows due to the Corona 19 virus. As Taemin of SHINee cancelled his solo concert scheduled on March 13-15 at SK Handball Olympic Stadium, SM Entertainment will tentatively push back the launch of TAEMIN CONCERT, Never Gonna Dance Again. TWICE’s agency JYP Entertainment already announced last month that the girl group’s world tour final concert TWICELIGHTS in SEOUL on March 7-8 would not occur owing to the infamous virus. The rookie group UNVS had to hold off their debut showcase.

How about the mega boy group BTS’ concerts? BTS agency Big Hit Entertainment recently announced that BTS Map of the Soul Tour performance was cancelled. It was slated to be held at Jamsil Stadium on April 11, 12, 18, and 19.

As the infection of the Corona 19 region is in full swing, cancelling BTS concerts is inevitable. If the concert date is approached and cancelled, the damage to all of the parties related to the performance could be increased. BTS took to Twitter to announce that their April stops in Seoul would be nixed and that anyone who bought tickets would receive refunds.

Big Hit stated, “The global spread of Corona 19 is unpredictable and the uncertainty of movement between countries between countries, such as performance personnel and equipment, is increasing. Hereupon, it is unavoidable that the concert must be cancelled without further delay. Please understand that this decision was made after extensive and careful consideration.”

In the meantime, Suga, a BTS member, previously paid 100 million won for his hometown Dae Goo, which has been suffering from the spread of Corona 19. He also donated another 100 million won to the Hope Bridge national Disaster Relief Association, asking for help in preventing and recovering the infamous virus in Dae Goo. How sweet Suga is!

Meanwhile, some of the K-Drama queens, who were in Italy on work trip, have been stricken from a rumor in regard to the novel Corona virus infection. Currently, Italy is the worst affected country in Europe with approx. 2,502 confirmed cases and 79 deaths. Increased attention has been placed on celebrities who traveled to Italy recently, and Han Ye Seul is among the parties involved in the Italy trip. She visited Milan from Feb. 19 to 24 for Fashion Week Show. However, Han has confirmed that she has no abnormal signs of health after returning from Italy.

Han Ye Seul’s agency Partners Park commented, “The actress and all of her staff do not have any issues with their health. If any slight symptoms occur, they will be tested immediately.”

Other celebs who attended the fashion week include Song Hye Kyo, IU, Park Min Young, and BLACKPINK’s Lisa. Regarding Mark Min Young, her agency Namoo Actors responded, “Park did not have any flights, hotels, routs, or staff overlapping with the confirmed cases. Currently, there are no symptoms. We contacted a health center as preventive action, but she is not a subject of testing or self-isolation. Instead, she was advised to check up for any development.”

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