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GFRIEND is Back with “Labyrinth”

GFRIEND confirmed their comeback on February 3rd as they announced the release of their mini album “Labyrinth”

The K-Pop girl group unveils the track list for their new mini album “Labyrinth.”


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



GFRIEND confirmed their comeback on February 3rd as they announced the release of their mini album “Labyrinth” and music video for their title track “Crossroads” through the global official fan community GFRIEND Weavers. Their comeback is only about seven months since “FEVER SEASON,” released last July, and the album “Labyrinth” will be their first output since Source Music’s merge with BTS’ label Big Hit Entertainment.

The lyrics were written by Big Entertainment’s Bang Shi Hyuk, who is well known for producing the mega boy group BTS.

Sowon said, “Mr. Bang and all the staff put a lot of effort into our album. He participated in writing lyrics and producing the album, so we could feel his support for us. From the moment we began preparing this album till now, we’ve felt so satisfied and we’re excited for what will be played out ahead of us in the future.”

The teaser video reveals a bit of GFRIEND’s upcoming title song “Crossroads” along with “Labyrinth,” “Here We Are,” “Eclipse,” “Dream Catcher,” and “From Me.” A dance track with a powerful string sound and synth, “Crossroads” tells the story of a person feeling like they are at a crossroads when they have to make a decision. In “Crossroads,” the girls are out and about to cross train tracks and traffic intersections. In “Room,” they are merrily spending time playing board games. Finally in “Twisted,” they depicts chaos and disarray with yarn.

With the song, GFRIEND’s signature sound and powerful choreography will rev up the audience and will create a compelling performance on stage. The girl group already dropped a special video titled “A Tale of the Glass Bead: Previous Story.” The teaser shows clips from their previous music videos, connected by an English-language narration that pieces together their music videos in a single mysterious storyline. Their fans can also expect concept photos coming up, going beyond the teaser.

Formed by Source Music in 2015, GFRIEND is composed of six members—Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. The group’s leading concepts are powerful, innocent, and passionate melancholy, but they are always reinventing themselves. These characteristics have put this group on the fast track to success, winning multiple charts.


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