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Goo Soo Takes on Financial Crisis Themed “Money Game”

“Money Game” is slated to run on TV in the first half of 2020.

The K-Drama premieres on January 15 and will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30p.m.


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



“Money Game,” which threads on the Korean banks on verge of bankruptcy and the members of the Financial Services Commission struggling to off the repeat of IMF crisis in 1997, is slated to run on TV in the first half of 2020.

Headlined by top-tier actors Go Soo, Lee Sung Min, and Shim Eun Kyung, “Money Game” revealed its teaser the other day, where people are merrily celebrating the holidays by watching fireworks and shopping for gifts. The BGM switches from a Christmas carol to suspenseful sound as Lee Sung Min and Shim Eun Kyung appear on screen.

The Korean government owns large stock in Jungin Bank. When the bank faces insolvency, Goo Soo stands against the economic collapse with the members of the Financial Services Commission. The K-Drama poster reads “With the fate of the country in a bind, a dangerous game begins,” and in the teaser, a man narrates, “Isn’t it really sad how people are so jolly without knowing that a time bomb is on the line?” The teaser concludes with Go Soo, who looks directly into the camera and days, “The worst financial scandal, “Money Game.”

Go Soo plays Chae Yi Hyun, an economic government official and the son of the Korea’s best economist who fights to prevent another financial crisis. He hides the fact that he is from a well off family in order to be recognized for his true competency. Regarding the drama and his character, Go Soo mentioned, “I’ve been trying to make Chae Yi Hyun feel not like a fictional character, but like someone whom we could easily encounter in real life. I will work to show Chae Yi Hyun as a principled bureaucrat with a strong patriotism, responsibility, and determined beliefs.”

Lee Sung Min plays Heo Jae, a ambitious chairman of the Financial Services Commission who went through the IMF crisis in 1997. His goal is to improve the country’s financial infrastructure at any cost. Shim Eun Kyung has been cast in the role of Lee Hye Joon, a newly appointed official who dreams of being a property owner someday and living an easy life. Going through financial difficulties in childhood, she worked hard in order to become a civil servant and have a steady income.

In the drama stills, Chae Yi Hyun and Heo Jae are in the middle of a tense battle of nerves. Chae is calm despite He Jae’s glare. Their contrasting expressions set off a sense of tension that’s like an impending storm. Suiting up in the intriguing plot, “Money Game” heightens expectations and viewers are already intrigued to stick around.

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