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The First Generation Girl Group Reunites after 14 Years

The new track was dropped in the reality show, “Camping Club,” where Fin.K.L held a fan meeting event at a camping ground in Pocheon.

Fin.K.L decide to release a new song to celebrate their reunion.


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



Fin.K.L, a legendary K-Pop girl group that is credited as one of the founders of the girl group boom, has finally reunited on stage. They rolled out a brand new cover image for their special track, “Like A Lasting Song.” This song was brought out after the 4 Fin.K.L members huddled together for a reality show, titled Camping Club. As the show made the big time, the original queens decided to reunite for a comeback for their 21stanniversary. They debuted back in 1998 and disbanded in 2005. The group consists of Lee Hyo Ri, Ock Joo Hyun, Sung Yu Ri, and Lee Jin. They each have a different color in the group.

The track which contains a ballad rather than a dance rhythm was reportedly created by Kim Hyun Chul, a noted song writer in the Korean music industry. The song accompanies the lyrics that are written entirely by the members and the lyrics are filled with the members’ gratitude for their 21 year-long supporting fans. The fans’ zeal has finally paid off by the Fin.K.L’s reuniting and extending warm messages to them through the thankful track.

The new track was dropped two weeks ago in the reality show, “Camping Club,” where Fin.K.L held a fan meeting event at a camping ground in Pocheon to meet their longtime fans, showcase their old songs, and perform a brand-new track. This variety show is planned by producer Yoon Hyun Joon, who has created shows like “Let’s Eat Dinner Together, “Sugar Man,” and “Hyori’s Homestay. The four original queens have fun in small ways as they tour the most breathtaking parts of the country. They park at the beach and rest with their toes in the sand, reveling in the beauty of nature.

Lee Hyo Ri, as the group’s leader, shared how she felt when the group’s comeback became a reality through the show.

She said, “It would be too cliché to sing our old songs after coming together for this program, But, this option can make us embrace one another and dish out our memories that we went through together 21 years ago. There’s no doubt that our fans take credit for the Fin.K.L’s revival. Indeed, feelings of gratitude surged up inside me after performing on stage again with my girls.”

When the members appeared on stage in elegant outfits to perform their debut track, “Blue Rain” in the show and introduced themselves just as they had done 21 years ago, the audience became emotional. When the legendary girl group finished performing the track, their fans began to call for an encore. In response, the Fin.K.L sang “Eternal Love,” brining the event to an end.  After the episode broadcast, the group’s fans also expressed how long they have waited for this moment.

Meanwhile, the group’s new music product holds high positions on the real-time charts of all online digital music sites such as Melon (No.23), Mnet Music (No.2), Olleh Music (No.8), Genie Music (No.8), etc. This shows the constant heat and announces a monumental comeback deserving the title of a legendary girl group.

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