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What’s Better Than Pho? Super Pho!

Duluth Super Pho’s staff.

Since Duluth’s Super Pho changed its ownership, it has been mesmerizing local foodies.


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



When it comes to restaurant business, the 3C’s are salient points to be loved by their customers: savor, sanitation, and service. Can Atlantians go through the 3C’s at a restaurant? Duluth Super Pho would be an answer.

Duluth Super Pho has been making the local foodies return to the restaurant since it changed ownership on October 1st, 2017.

Super Pho, revamped by the new management, offers over 75 items such as appetizers, pho, snacks, and sandwichs. Jazen Tea, which is located right next to Super Pho on the premises, presents over 25 drinks. Honey delight is extolled by the different national backgrounds of customers with different drink tastes. The item has an addictive sweet flavor and is also welcomed by health-conscious drinkers, mixed with honey jasmine green tea, chia seeds, strawberry fruit bits or aloe vera. All the fresh ingredients of Jazen Tea make it a refreshing drink.

The strong points that make Super Pho unique and stand out are that the ingredients are the freshest. Super Pho has a team that covers all of the farmer’s markets in the local areas and they keep their inventory very low in the store. They hand-select and inspect their ingredients from a bag of bean sprout to a single avocado. The foods go through a strict process of cleaning in the kitchen and the staff puts forward a lot of effort to serve fresh yummy foods to their customers.

Super Pho always strives to bring what’s best for their customers.

“We were one of the very first Vietnamese restaurants that got invited to be Uber and Grubhub’s parterners when they first launched their system in Gwinnett County. Currently we are also partnered with DoorDash and many more to come,” said Nam Nguyen, Manager of Super Pho. “For the consistency in our foods, we strive and aggressively check on our food quality and how they are made every single day. We keep the authentic taste of Vietnamese foods in our heart and our team treats the restaurant like their own home. We hope to make customers feel at home when visiting us.”

Super Pho just introduced a new dish named, “Beef Plate,” which is called Bo Ne in Vietnamese. It is getting popular extremely fast in the Metro Atlanta area, especially in the Vietnamese community. It’s served with Super Pho’s special house sauce sizzling hot on a metal plate with 2 premium tenderloin steaks, 2 sunny side up eggs, 2 house meatballs, Pate and a French Baguette on the side, This food is a very popular dish in Vietnam and San Francisco. Currently, Super Pho is the only one in the South serving it.

What else is recommended for local foodies? Beef noodle soups, Shrimp Noodle Soup, Fresh order to cook special Fried Rice or Shrimp Fried Rice, Banh Mi French Baguettes, Vietnamese Tacos and more are palate-pleasing dishes. Real fresh fruit drinks like Fruit Tea or Smoothies with poplar toppings like Honey Tapioca, Lychee Coconut Jelly and such can’t be counted out.

Customer-centered TO-GO packaging system also must be counted in.

“We also continue to improve our TO-GO packages, ensuring the best experience for our customers, said Nam Nguyen. “We are also very proud to be the first one in the area to offer our customer high quality TO-GO BOWL so they can enjoy our Pho anywhere, even in their office for lunch!”

The local gourmets have been fascinating by all the things that Super Pho serves and Sydea R., Powder Springs, GA, left a great review on Yelp.com.

She noted, “I am a huge pho fan and an expert at the least. The pho here was absolutely delicious! It was enough for me to finish the entire bowl! The Jazen tea was also amazing.  I had the tutti fruity with lychee jelly add in. It was definitely a great size and taste. I will definitely be returning.”

Currently, Super Pho has happy hours from 3p.m. through 5p.m. Monday to Thursday with 20% every items on the menu. It also has $1 off Vietnamese Tacos all day Tuesday and Wednesday ($4 for 2 instead of $5 for 2 tacos) and buy 5 get 1 free Vietnamese Sandwiches.

Super Pho hopes wants to become a beloved place by every customer.

“Our vision for Super Pho is to be known as one of most trusted Vietnamese Restaurants in the Metro Atlanta. We want to provide our local communities with the best quality of ingredients and services,” said Nam Nguyen, Manager of Super Pho. “We strive to be happy so we can provide the best things for our customers. We take customers’ health and needs just like how we care for our own family. We love what we do and what we have to offer. That’s why customers have a fondness for us. We do our best to become a place where any race, any nationality, or any ethnicity can enjoy our heartfelt food. We hope that you can see the spirit of our team the next time you visit!”




What’s Better Than Pho? Super Pho! - K-Herald - 애틀랜타 조선일보 : 슈퍼포 내부.jpg

Duluth Super Pho changed its ownership on October 1st, 2017.

What’s Better Than Pho? Super Pho! - K-Herald - 애틀랜타 조선일보 : 슈퍼포 건물.jpg

Super Pho always strives to bring what’s best for their customers.



What’s Better Than Pho? Super Pho! - K-Herald - 애틀랜타 조선일보 : 포 44555.jpg

Customer-centerd TO-GO packaging system is superb.

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