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Choi Si-won Under Fire After His Dog Kills Neighbor

Singer and actor Choi Si-won is under fire for failing to properly restrain his pet dog, which attacked a neighbor who died later in hospital early this month.

The incident has prompted viewers to demand that he quit the TV comedy he currently stars in. “Must we continue watching him do comedy after such a tragedy?” wrote one viewer on the program’s website.

The website and other social media pages were filled with similar comments from viewers after the owner of a well-known Korean restaurant died of blood poisoning six days after Choi’s French bulldog attacked her.

Choi and his father issued apologies, while the family of the victim has expressed forgiveness toward Choi. But criticism of the actor and his family has continued, particularly after Choi’s family threw a birthday party for the dog after the attack and posted photos on social media.

“Shouldn’t he be showing some remorse even if he apologized?” wrote a viewer, while another wrote, “Choi should withdraw from the show, or the show itself should stop.”

The romantic comedy “Revolutionary Love” is about an unruly heir to a business conglomerate who mends his ways after falling in love. It is Choi’s first TV series to appear after his release from mandatory military service in August.

His management agency, SM Entertainment, said Choi’s family and the victim’s relatives reached an amicable agreement. The drama’s producers also say they are not discussing Choi’s exit from the program.

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