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S.Korean Banks to Prepare for Electromagnetic Pulse Attack

s in South Korea are mulling the establishment of data back-up centers overseas in case a hypothetical electromagnetic pulse attack from North Korea wipes their data here.

No electromagnetic pulse weapons are known to exist, but experts have warned for decades that sooner or later someone will try to perfect one. A nuclear attack could also release a pulse strong enough to wipe electronic data.

“Current regulations prohibit the transfer of client information overseas, so we are discussing ways to revise those rules so that we can set up data back-up centers abroad,” a financial official said Wednesday.

Banks store customers’ latest account information at the end of each working day on a disk they store in a secure facility as backup in case their computer systems are sabotaged or lost.

But an EMP bomb could wipe the backup disks as well.

Financial authorities are also looking into ways to improve protection of those disks, perhaps by reinforcing bunkers.


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