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Explore Seoul’s Historic Quarter with Night Tour Program

The British Embassy in Seoul


A night-tour program to explore the historic quarter near Deoksu Palace in downtown Seoul will take place on Oct. 13 and 14. The program, which takes place twice a year — in May and October, is an opportunity to appreciate the city’s historic sites in the atmospheric glow of night.

The sites include Deoksu Palace, Seoul Museum of History and Seoul Anglican Cathedral.

Especially this year marks the 120th anniversary of the proclamation of the Korean Empire (Oct. 12), so many events are prepared in celebration. Visitors can make the same lanterns used to light Seoul at the night of the proclamation in 1897. They can also make jade-colored bracelets as jade was part of an important ritual article in the proclamation ceremony.

Other usually off-limits locations will be open to the public as well. Visitors will have a rare chance to see the convent of the Society of the Holy Cross, which boasts a lovely traditional Korean house and garden, and the British Embassy, which has a 19-th century building and British-style garden. But reservations are needed for both.

And for those who want to have a moment of reflection while enjoying music in a cool breeze, they can attend an evening concert at Deoksu Palace on Oct. 13.


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