Explore the happenings of the Asian Community in Duluth, Johns Creek, and Suwanee.

To Our Readers

The Chosun Daily News Atlanta is located in Duluth, GA.

The foremost local newspaper among the Korean media outlets in the Southern region, The Chosun Daily News Atlanta, additionally puts in the latest color rotary printing press next month.

With the cutting-edge color printing press, the Chosun Daily News Atlanta will increase more than double the space dedicated to news in color, sharply expanding the sections on topics of high reader interest such as education, economy, and real estate, to get word to locals vividly. This new plan would also testify our effort to give the paper a cleaner, more inviting look and feel, aimed at translating our timeless value into an even more compelling, relevant, and useful newspaper.

Featured by the most influence and circulation, the Chosun Daily News Atlanta stands out in the local media market, labeled as the rich news distributing tycoon. Our conforming to the journalistic principle that local newspapers must make an accurate and close look accounts for the credit bestowed upon us.

On top of that, equipped with great insight on journalism and professionalism, our editorial and reporting teams practically proved its caliber by being the sole award winner out of all the Korean media outlets in the world in the contest of, “A Series of Special Articles for the Advanced Korean Press,” presented by the Korea Press Foundation last April.

The future of news magazines depends on high-end contents and quality journalism. As a credible news hub in the Southern region and on the editorial front, we will continue to double down on the journalistic service we have provided. Our commitment to the quality local news will never stop running. We appreciate all your interest and support.




To Our Readers - K-Herald - 애틀랜타 조선일보 : 36b73f311a8daafa879705b8dbead932.jpg

We put in the latest color rotary printing press next month.


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