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KIA Sportage Wins the Ideal Vehicle Award

2017 Kia Sportage SX SX Turbo 2WD

Kia Sportage walked away with AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award at the end of August.


By Anna Kim

Staff Writer



Kia’s wheel of fortune keeps on rolling.

The surpassingly designed Kia Sportage won AutoPacific’s 2017 Ideal Vehicle Award (IVA) this past August. With this, Sportage seized the second honor from AutoPacific following the Vehicle Satisfaction Awards(VSA) earlier this summer.

AutoPacific’s IVA features 54,000 responses from owners of the new model year 2016 and 2017 vehicles following the first 90 days of ownership. The national survey scrutinizes 15 key categories including ride and handling, interior storage, safety features, power and acceleration, and technology that owners would prefer to change in their vehicle. The honor of IVA is bestowed upon vehicles that received the fewest requested changes.

Kia keeps on smiling.

“We’re honored to hear that the Sportage has earned AutoPacific’s Ideal Vehicle Award and that we are succeeding in our mission to provide our customers with world-class products,” said Orth Hedrick, Vice President of Product Planning, KMA. “The fourth-generation Sportage is the best iteration of our esteemed nameplate, now with a stellar combination of sharp design, clever utility and advanced safety features.”

Where are the Kia Sportage’s charms that fascinate customers found?

The Sportage is the elder statesman of Kia’s lineup, a ridgepole of the company’s great success in the U.S. The 2017 model, the fourth-generation Sportage, was well timed in its arrival. Now Compact SUVs are in high demand and there is no sales slowdown in sight.

The roomie interior also provides better visibility for drivers and offers more available comfort features such as heated and ventilated front seats, a 10-way power-adjustable driver seat with lumbar support, and eight-way power control for the front passenger seat.

Effectively, the 2017 Sportage stands out in the hot-selling compact SUV segment. The year of 2017 is expected to be another touchstone for the growth of the AutotPacific’s award-winning tycoon.


Meanwhile, AutoPacific, which was founded in 1986, conducts extensive proprietary research, forecasting and consulting for auto manufacturers, distributors, marketers, and suppliers worldwide.  AutoPacific’s state-of-the-art automotive research facility and company headquarters are nested in Tustin, California, with an affiliate office in the Detroit area. Every year AutoPacific publishes a wide variety of syndicated studies on the automotive industry, which helps potential car owners to be savvy on the auto market.




The roomie interior provides better visibility for drivers.

KIA Sportage Wins the Ideal Vehicle Award - K-Herald - 애틀랜타 조선일보 : 23bd43eeb365d64d557f0af41a883219.jpg

KIA Motors Manufacturing Georgia.

KIA Sportage Wins the Ideal Vehicle Award - K-Herald - 애틀랜타 조선일보 : c98c29230ff0385ff90735e9ef5afe88.jpg



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