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Jeju’s Teddy Museum Rated Among World’s 10 Best by Chinese Tourists

Jeju’s Teddy Bear Museum is one of the 10 most popular museums worldwide among Chinese tourists, according to a survey by the China National Tourism Administration. It polled 2.5 million people who traveled with Ctrip, one of China’s biggest travel agencies.

The museum’s collection of about 3,000 teddy bears includes a Louis Vuitton-themed one priced at W240 million and a gem-encrusted bear weighing 125 carats. Some of the bears are dressed as famous figures and displayed in historical scenes, or featured in recreations of famous paintings and other art works (US$1=W1,141).

The museum was ranked eighth overall.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York topped the list, followed by the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Vatican Museums, the British Museum in London, the Bargello National Museum in Florence, the National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium in Taiwan and Dubai Museum.

The Teddy Bear Museum “appeals to Chinese tourists as it offers visitors exhibits with interesting stories and the chance to learn about the history of the resort island, which is mostly popular for its natural scenery,” a museum staffer said.

The museum became a must-see destination among Chinese travelers after many of them posted pictures on Weibo and other social media there. Some 150,000 Chinese tourists visited the museum last year, accounting for 30 percent of total visitors.

There are four other teddy bear museums in the country, located in Goseong, Yeosu, Gyeongju and Gunsan. In China, a teddy bear museum opened in Chengdu in 2012 and another opened in Hainan in February this year.

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