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Find the Perfect Balance between Learning & Life

LaGrange College campus.

Transformations begin at LaGrange College, where a broader and deeper knowledge of many subject areas are balanced with practical skills.

Anna Kim

Staff Writer


LaGrange College is one of the most affordable private colleges in the Southeast, according to the U.S. News and World Report.  This college has ranked within the top ten in the “Great Schools at a Great Price” category.

While students can choose from a variety of traditional majors and minors, LaGrange has added some interesting options.  The faculty at LaGrange is actively developing classes focused on Asian Studies.  Far from the antiquated approach of other universities, LaGrange College is helping its students appeal to a new set of international employers.

The Asian studies minor can be focused and narrowed according to the interest of the student.  Most importantly, this emphasis on this new field of study has opened up a new employment market for LaGrange College Students.

According to LaGrange College’s official website, potential employers have begun to look at LaGrange students with interest.  “These companies are looking specifically at our students. They want people with a background in Korean language, history, society and economics. On a real concrete basis, there are opportunities for employment right here in this region. Even if your Korean is just ‘Hello,’ ‘How are you?’ and ‘Yes, I’d like another helping,’ that goes a long way to show you are willing to learn, you have an interest in the world and a respect for other cultures,” said Diana Goldwire, Director of the Career Center.

This four-year liberal arts college’s tagline is “Transforming Lives,” and it does its best to live up to that saying.  The college offers a curiously named scholarship, the Servant Scholars Programs, which focuses not only on academic excellence but service to the local community.  Whether the goal is to transform the lives of its students or the lives that the students touch, the college does its best to empower its students to live up to the motto.

With the economic recession and student debt constantly on the nation’s collective conscious, the school has awarded over $23 million in financial aid.

The city’s eponymous college is located approximately an hour outside of Atlanta.  Notable alumni include “Blondie” cartoonist Dean Young and Blake Clarke, television and film actor.


LaGrange College Address

 601 Broad Street, LaGrange, GA 30240









Jeff Lukken, Director of Graduate and Degree Completion Programs at LaGrange College and Mayor of LaGrange for 16 years.

Jeff Lukken, Director of Graduate and Degree Completion Programs at LaGrange College and Mayor of LaGrange for 16 years.




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