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Seoul Launches Electric Vehicle Rental Service

24-Hour Tourist Hotline Available in 4 Languages

People will soon be able to rent an electric vehicle for as little as W3,000 (US$1=W1,091) per 30 minutes in Seoul as the municipal government is launching a rental service from Thursday.

The city will operate 184 eco-friendly vehicles at 57 locations.

Anyone over the age of 21 who possesses a driver’s license can rent a car after registering at http://www.evseoul.com and making a reservation online at one of three rental companies.

There is also a related app available for Android devices.

On the other hand, toll-free number 1330, set up in September 1999 by the Korea Tourism Organization to answer enquiries from tourists, is now available in four languages around the clock.

Calls can be answered in Korean, English, Japanese and Chinese courtesy of certified tour guide interpreters who provide tourist information, interpretation services, deal with grievances and help make accommodation reservations.

It can be dialed without an area code from any part of the country.

The service also helps foreigners who are in distress receive urgent aid in collaboration with a series of other emergency numbers. This means they can instantly be connected to the police (112), fire, emergency and ambulance services (119), Seoul Call Center (120), Government Call Center (110), and various consulates via the Foreign Ministry.

On average the service fields 900 calls a day, with those made by foreigners accounting for roughly 45 percent.

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