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Preparing for the Future, Boosting College Readiness

C2 Education promotes a good study habit

By Anna KimStaff Writer


Education market is very competitive in trying to get referrals through word-of-mouth as is the case for a lot of businesses.

C2 Education, a globally known education center, includes 110 centers nationwide that serve over 12,000 students and their families each week.

It goes beyond conventional test scores and grades to help students through every step of the college admissions process on a customized program basis: ∆Finding the right colleges ∆Providing the best supplementary materials ∆Completing applications ∆Crafting amazing college admissions essays ∆Building an outstanding resume and more.

Opinion: Why C2? What Makes C2’s Reputation?

85% of students have heard about C2 from friends or from families who went through the outstanding programs C2 provides.

“Everything in C2,” said David Kim, co-founder of C2, “is personalized. We break down what students need. With a service mindset we are always trying to learn and improve in order to create the best modules for students.”

According to C2, new tutors go through “very aggressive academic trainings for 2 weeks”before they start their career in C2. Once a month they have a monthly workshop to improve their teaching skills and their motivations.“You have to find someone else who can be your mentor. You have to also educate yourself if you are in the education business,” said David Kim.“We are always learning something new. Developing good study habits is the key to academic success. I, myself, have an unbelievable great teacher who has been a tremendous asset in my life. We design the teacher’s program, and our foundation of learning is very strong.”

Force of Habit

Having a good habit of learning in childhood is the step to an academic success. “We promote the habit,” said David Kim. According to him, top students of University of GA are no different from top students of Harvard. What really makes a difference is self-discipline and time management. “That’s the big difference. We encourage and motivate students to have a study habit and get used to it,” he said. “That’s why we have been able to be successful.”

Opinion: Be Smarter

At C2, 40% are Caucasians; 25% are Indian Americans; 20% are Korean Americans; 10% are Chinese Americans; 5% are African or Latino Americans.

“Students have customized programs. We approach students on a different level basis,”Kim said.

According to C2, B- or B+ is 80% of students; 15% of students are A+; 5 % of them are C or below.

As for C students, they are typically unmotivated; they don’t know what they want to do; they don’t want to go to classes on time; they lack direction.

As for B- or B+ students, confidence structures in decision making are laid out. “We help them organize and plan in a way that makes them feel like they can do it. They really want to learn,” said Kim.

The First Step in High Talented Students’ Learning

As for very high talented students, they are very eager to learn. Their goals and dreams are bigger. Nobody challenges them. “We are very hard on smart students because they are always challenging, teaching themselves. We get those students to listen to the tutors or coaches. This is the first step in their learning,” said Kim. “We try to make them realize the need for the right direction or coach because a scale of experience overstrides text book knowledge. That’s the biggest difference,” he added.

Read More: C2 Provides Free Education Seminars Online

C2 provides free education seminars on the website every month. If you go to the website, you can register for these monthly seminars. The seminars discuss Advanced Placement(AP), SATII, summer planning and more. You can obtain plenty of knowledge for college preparation. There is a limit of 200 students per viewing, and this is based on first come first serve.“The Common Application is totally changed for the upcoming juniors, and SAT is changing as well. So we keep an eye on the change,” said Kim.“We are currently focused on how the technology is going to affect learning in the future, because more classes are going online at college. Most of the prestigious colleges are exploring that as a possibility already,” underscored Kim. “We march in step with the change.”

Special Remark: K-Herald Becomes Hopefully a Model for Future Community Unity in the States

“We are all neighbors. We are part of the same community. We need to come together. K-Herald is a great initiative, tremendous value, and a great partnership between the Korean community and the local English-speaking community. As a Korean American, I take a tremendous pride in seeing this partnership moving forward,” said Kim. “Moreover, it helps educate Korean Americans and non-Korean Americans on Korean culture or perspectives. It is a testament to growth of the Korean community, and a great opportunity to help bridge the gap on a cultural basis by bringing more unity and understanding in Gwinnett County,” he stated. David Kim thinks that K-Herald will hopefully be “a model for future community unity” in the States.

C2 Education

6455 E. Johns Crossing, Suite 402,

Duluth, GA 30097

Phone: 800-777-7000


▲C2 Education, a globally giant education center, includes 110 centers nationwide, serving over 12,000 students and their families. David Kim, co-founder of C2, posing for a picture after the interview.

▲C2 Education, a globally giant education center, includes 110 centers nationwide, serving over 12,000 students and their families. David Kim(right), co-founder of C2, is posing for a picture after the interview.

▲David Kim with Jim Narangajavana(left), co-founder of C2 Education.

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